Insurance (Payers) Accepted:

  • Amerigroup/Simply (Medicaid) 
  • Florida Blue / BCBS of FL
  • Staywell/Healthease/WellCare (Medicaid)
  • United/Prestige (Medicaid & Commercial)
  • Sunshine/Cenpatico (Medicaid)
  • Concordia Behavioral (CMS Title-21 and Title-19)
  • Magellan Complete Care 
  • Beacon/Psychcare, providing behavioral health coverage for Molina, Coventry, and others.
  • Straight Medicaid
  • Staywell Healthy Kids (KidCare)
  • United Healthy Kids (KidCare)
  • Sunshine Healthy Kids (KidCare)

  • Self-Pay Rates (cash/check/credit-card)

Self-Pay Options:
Self-Pay rates are competitive with other agencies. 

You can see rates here.​ 

Please download the Self-Pay Agreement, sign, and return to your therapist:

Self-Pay Agreement (PDF) 


Frequently Asked Questions

About Insurance

What if my insurance changes?
On the 1st of the month, we check eligibility, and if your insurance has changed to one that we don't carry, or if you're not eligible for that month, we will mail you a letter. We will also let your therapist and/or psychiatrist know so that sessions can be temporarily stopped.

How many sessions do i get?
Depends on your insurance plans. Some allow more than others. Some are great in allowing you flexibility in your behavioral health treatment, others are more restrictive. For example, with Medipass, your treatment might only consist of 5-6 sessions; with other plans, the flexibility is greater.

What if I have a Share-Cost Plan by Medicaid?
We MIGHT be able to accept it. Please email us the details on your share-cost plan. We will run an analysis to determine whether the cost can be easily achieved within a 30 days period. Also let us know what Medicaid plan you have. Please note we are only able to run the analysis based on what the claims at BIG BEAR would be... not for outside services done outside of Big Bear, since we have no control over any other agency or medical procedure that is outside our company.

What if I want to self-pay until my insurance kicks in?
You're welcome to do that. Select your location, and read about our rates for self-pay. You may pay online, or to your therapist with cash/check.

Do you accept commercial insurance (not Medicaid)?
Generally not, but please check each location for any exemptions. We do not accept any commercial insurance (e.g. BCBSFL, Cigna, etc...). You may file a claim with them for reimbursement if you would like to do so.

What if I have Medicaid AND commercial insurance?
If you have STRAIGHT-MEDICAID and commercial insurance coverage, you must find a provider that takes your commercial insurance, because they must be billed first per Florida law. We cannot bill your commercial insurance if we're not a provider for them.

What if I have Medicaid and Medicare? 
We "might" be able to take your case. We would have to check if your Medicaid is FULL COVERAGE, or only limited to certain items. Our office manager can double-check your insurance eligibility on Medicaid's website portal.

How do I contact Medicaid if I desire to change my plan? 
You can call Medicaid Options at 888.367.6554 to review/change your plan. You can also obtain additional information at Medicaid: 

How do I enroll in Medicaid?
To enroll call 1-866-76-ACCESS or apply online: 

If the link doesn't work, go to
and then click Apply for Benefits

We received a letter in the mail from our insurance company that services are not going to be paid. What should I do?
Sometimes plans mail these "explanation of benefits" to their members. You are welcome to let us know about it, but be assured that most of the time, the information is not accurate or "complete". If a plan denies payment, they would usually let us know... and we will in turn let you know if that's the case.

Where can I find a list of updated Medicaid plans?
You can find the list in AHCA's website here -