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Date - Ongoing

  • We are always looking for great team members to join us!
  • Independent Contractor (1099) Work.
  • We operate on a fee-for-service model (FFS). This simply means you get paid based on how many billable hours or services you complete and turn-in, not based on time. If you perform service "X", you get paid "Y" amount.
  • Most of the services will be Medicaid-therapy sessions, where we offer 3-tiers, depending on the clinician's education/license. Other services that are non-Medicaid get paid a flat rate regardless of license or experience.
  • We work with most Medicaid Plans, and each may have different Authorization requirements; this is something that you may need to become familiar with, since having the proper authorization for the services you provide is essential in making sure your note is payable.
  • We require all practitioners in our practice to turn-in their documentation on-time.
  • You are "in business for yourself", and we require that all our clinicians in our practice carry their own professional liability insurance policy, to protect yourself against unfortunate events. If you are unsure where to get one from, we can give you options in the marketplace.
  • A WORD ABOUT QUALITY - All billables (progress notes) are reviewed and approved before being invoiced to our insurance plans. Our Clinical Director will work together with you in the beginning to make sure you know exactly how to write a perfect insurance-compliance note. Furthermore, our practice also makes quality calls and checks signature verification sheets, as well as other things, to look out and prevent insurance fraud.
  • EHR REQUIREMENTS FOR CLINICAL STAFF - You must have access to a computer and a smartphone, as our easy-to-use WellSky's EHR system captures electronic signatures and is web-based. 




Accepting resumes at this time, until Jan-2020.

Duties & Responsibilities include:

  • Becomes the contact person with our EHR Billing team.
  • Receives and tracks cash payments into the EHR.
  • Tracks Paypal payments and applies them to the EHR.
  • Receives, scans EOBs to EHR Billing team, then stores them.
  • Updates PaySpan as appropriate.
  • Tracks 60-90, and 90+ day claims that have not been paid.
  • Keeps a running list of Payers, address, phone numbers, etc.
  • Assists with QA or other admin tasks.

Other Terms

  • Must have at least 3 years of experience with Medicaid claims.
  • W2 position Full Time (32-40 hours)
  • Flexible schedule
  • $13.00
  • Benefits available